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About Us

Victoria Lo and Grace You are the driving forces behind Gemini Image Consulting. These two creative ladies met at the University of Waterloo in 2003 while they were students and have worked together since then, volunteering to do makeup and styling for their friends, family and community for special events, photoshoots, stage and fashion shows. Their successful partnership, experiences and rave reviews from their clients inspired Victoria and Grace to establish Gemini Image Consulting in 2009.

For Victoria and Grace, the culture and concept of Gemini Image Consulting stems from their joint belief that everyone is beautiful and that true beauty comes from within. Each individual is truly special for their uniqueness in personality, motivations, goals and even flaws. Gemini Image Consulting strives not to change who you are as a person but to enhance your unique features so that you can look and feel confident in any situation.

The Gemini logo reflects the mission and values of our company:

Gemini - A symbol for twins. Although Victoria and Grace are not twins, they have the same passion and critical yet detail-oriented eye for style. They compliment each other when working as a team to serve you. - Also a "star" symbol. Our goal is to make you shine like a star! We want to help you stand out, be confident and feel beautiful inside and out.

Butterfly - A symbol of beauty and transformation. - A symbol of symmetry, i.e. reflective on both sides. This represents a reflection of your inner beauty. Our goal is not to transform you into a Hollywood celebrity but to make you gorgeous like one.